What is Cloopcard?

Americans purchase 2 billion gift cards each year, once the cards are redeemed more than 75 million pounds of PVC from plastic cards enters the waste stream. With Cloopcard all of this is avoided by using digital or eco friendly paper gift cards.

Sell gift cards online or any social media 24/7 even when your store is closed by simply copying and pasting your personalized link, or send them via sms, or just print them right on your clover device, or any regular printer.
Yes! No more ordering plastic cards ahead of time just create and print” We will also provide you a link to post online or social media to have your customers subscribe to your loyalty program even allowing you to offer a small incentive if you wish, or you can create a punch card, to increase repeat business, or simply offer coupons or discount cards.
Your customer will receive a first time text with a link to download the app available for iPhone and Android so they can store all your offers or gift cards on their smartphone. Once that is done, you can keep sending offers with in-app notifications like daily specials or promotions, or just invite them back to your store targeting either all or some of your customers based on the analytic tools provided in the app. You can issue store credit if they were unhappy due to a problem on their visit which will not cost you anything compared to a credit card refund, or use our cash discount system giving a percentage “you decide” Back in cloopcoins when the customer pays in cash to promote cash flow and avoid credit card fees. Give us a try, for less than $0.50a day it pays for itself.


OS Compatibility


Sell gift cards in store, online or on any social media, issue coupons, punch cards, store credit or cashback and send directly to your customers digital wallet, all wile keeping track of each single transaction, each text message and all the stats from any internet enabled device, keep in touch with each individual you connect with, and maximize your sales all thanks to one single app available for both major platform


Do you have a food truck? Let your customers know were you will be next with a notification. Planning an event and need to sell tickets online or you need a down payment for a catering  job? Use your custom link on any social media or website so people can make  purchase online, Want to build loyalty among your current customers? Give out punch cards or coupons at no cost, or just sign them up for our cashback feature


Are you an ISO or an agent? Cloopcard is the only online gift card solution that uses Clover PAY Api so transactions processed online will go trough your gateway, no third party involved, that means you will profit from online gift card purchases as well, offering any other online gift card solution means you are missing out on the on line revenue


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Discover All Features


Full Set Of Analytic Tools To Track And Manage Offers And Gift Cards


No Need To Buy Plastic Gift Cards

No Long Term Contracts

One Low Monthly Fee


No Extra Hardware To Purchase

Any Device With An Internet Connection Will Do

For Printable Cards Any Printer Will Do


*No Percentage Or Fee Is Charged On Any Gift Card Sold Or Redeemed


Gift Cards, Punch Cards, Coupons, Store Credit, Smart Cash Discount And In-App Notifications

Offers Or Gift Cards

SMS, E-mail, And  In-App Notifications

Eco-Friendly Paper Printed Cards As Well

Transaction fees

No Transaction Fees For All Cards Bought In Store

*Online Purchases Are Subject To A Credit Card Processing Fee


All Data is Stored and Backed Up In Our Cloud System If Your Device Is Lost Or Damaged All Transactions Are Saved And Accessible Online

Terms & Conditions

*You Can Specify Terms And Conditions For Each Offer Or Card You Issue Including Expiration Dates And Limitations

*A Processing Fee Is Charged By Our Partner Stripe For Processing Credi Card Payments Online When Using Cloopcard For Android Or Ios. Clover Users Will Be Charged For Online Processing According To The Rate They Have With First Data Or Affiliated ISo’s.

CLOOPCARD DOES NOT PROFIT From These Transactions Fees: All You Pay Us Is Your Monthly Subscription


Only with cloopcard you get so many tools to grow your business.

Give it a try, you can cancel anytime, and if you need help setting everything up were here for you, we can even set up your website at no cost so you can start selling gift cards online

Among the perks of using cloopcard for gift cards, promos, coupons, and punch cards we added a cash back option called cloopcoins, take advantage of the new credit card regulations bill passed by congress and save hundreds in credit card processing fees or just use it as a way to reward your customers


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