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Sell gift cards in store, online or on any social media, issue coupons, punch cards, store credit or cashback and send directly to your customers digital wallet, all wile keeping track of each single transaction, each text message and all the stats from any internet enabled device, keep in touch with each individual you connect with, and maximize your sales all thanks to one single app available for both major platforms



Do you have a food truck? Let your customers know were you will be next whit a notification. Planning an event and need to sell tickets online or you need a down payment for a catering  job? Use your custom link on any social media or website so people can make  purchase online, Want to build loyalty among your current customers? Give out punch cards or coupons at no cost, or just sign them up for our cashback feature



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Full Set of Tools for Analytics


No Plastic Card Purchases


No extra hardware required


No percentage charge on each gift card sold in store


Ease of Use

Offers Or Gift Cards

via SMS, E-mail, Print and other in-app notifications

No spamming problem and secure delivery

Transaction fees

No Transaction Fee


Enhanced security

Terms & Conditions

No Terms & Conditions other than the ones you choose to apply

A small processing fee is charged by our partner Stripe for processing payments online, when using Cloopcard for android or ios, please refer to for details. Clover users will be charged for online processing according to the agreement they have whit Clover and there own credit card processor. CLOOPCARD DOES NOT PROFIT from these transactions fees: all you pay us is your monthly subscription, WE DON’T  CHARGE ANY FEES FOR ALL CARDS SOLD  OR REDEEMED IN STORE


Only with cloopcard you get so many tools to grow your business.

Try it for free for a month and you can decide to cancel but we don’t think you will.

Among the perks of using cloopcard for gift cards, promos, coupons, and punch cards we added a cash back option called cloopcoins, take advantage of the new credit card regulations bill passed by congress and save hundreds in credit card processing fees


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  • Monthly basis
  • Up to 100 users

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  • Monthly basis
  • Up to 250 users

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In order to offer a more complete solution for your payment processing
needs we have partnered with MSC who can provide you with cutting edge technology to save on credit card processing.