How it works?

Cloopcard is a closed loop software that allows to instantly create a loop or connection between business owners and their customers. By signing up at the business owner can upload information and a company logo or business card and instantly start creating gift cards, coupon cards and special offers that can be targeted to potential returning customers.


View a total snapshot of all information in the Dashboard regarding offers used by your consumers for the day, month or year & latest notifications sent.


Different options that gives you the flexibility to share a variety of offers for your customers such as gift cards, punch cards and coupon cards.


View information about all the employees that you have chosen to allow the usage of the Cloopcard web application, including usage status.


Find all users that are registered to use the Cloopcard app in this module. You can add users and assign them to categories.


Add, schedule and view all notifications. Manage offers and share them in real-time with notifications module.