Cloopcard is a multi-platform solution for small businesses to create low-cost digital gift cards, coupons or loyalty cards and also offers.

When you sign up on cloopcard.com, you get the first month usage for free. Thereafter:

  1.  $30 a month for ‘Basic features’: up to 100 users per month plus notifications
  2.  $60 a month for ‘Premium features’: up to 250 users per month plus notifications
  3.  $30 a month for the ‘Unlimited Plan’: unlimited plan plus notifications
  • By ‘Notification’ we mean access to the system that allows the merchant to directly contact each and every user. Notifications are sent directly to people’s smartphones.

Simply sign up a customer with their phone number and they will receive a text asking them to download our app. Once they install the app, you will be able to target that customer repeatedly via special offers, coupons or discounts.

The cards are redeemed either by scanning the QR code with a smartphone or tablet, or by punching in the numeric code associated with the card.

Simply upload your custom logo or business card and all offers will automatically have your image associated.

No special equipment necessary. You can use your smartphone, tablet or any other device connected to internet.

No texts and notifications will ever be included in your monthly bill.

  1.  No transaction fees
  2.  No % fees
  3.  No plastic cards to buy
  4.  No separate artwork to pay for
  5.  No special equipment to buy or rent
  6.  You choose the validity of each card or offer
  7.  You target each customer either individually or altogether
  8.  Better insight on how your customers react to your offers
  9.  Great way to attract new customers – they come for the gift they receive from a friend or relative; they come back for your offers and much more.