eGift Cards Services For Small Business

View cards

This tab displays the history of all gift cards, punch cards, coupon cards, store credits, printable cards created, etc., that were offered to your customer list until now.

Clicking on each card will display complete information related to that particular card including card type, date of issuance, transaction records on the card, points/credits/discount/punches that were issued or redeemed, user details and expiry date.

Add card

Easily add new cards by specifying details such as card title, type, description, credit (points for gift card, total number of punches for punch card, discount % for coupon card, credit points for store credits, etc.) Besides, you can also attach your logo or an image and add a message about the offer.

You can also add a printable card of any type like gift card, punch card, coupon card or store credits that can be printed whenever required and can be further distributed within your customers.

  • Regular Cards: Regular cards are those cards that can be assigned immediately to new customers by filling in their details or to existing customers from your user list. They include gift cards, punch cards, coupon cards and store credits.
  • Printable Cards: Add printable cards when you just need to print the cards and give them away to your store’s customers/visitors. Gift cards, punch cards, coupon cards and store credits can be redeemed using the physical card regardless of whether the user has a mobile app or not.


With this tab, you can redeem the offer your customer wants you to use by inputting the 10-digit code they have on their app.