About Us

SP Solution is a brand new startup, but the team behind it has over 30 years of experience in small business administration, with partners in Europe, India and North America.


We focus on giving small businesses the tools to build loyalty for their brand, save on credit card processing costs and increase revenue. We were founded by small business owners so we truly understand how things need to be done to strive in today’s market, and we believe that technology is the key to having an edge on the competition, and also a great tool to make every business more organized, more productive and more profitable.


Our Latest app Cloopcard is a multi platform solution that allows any small business owner to have the same tools that big corporate companies have, without the expenses associated with processing store credits, coupons, loyalty programs, refunds, and gift cards, all of these transactions are processed buy us and managed buy the business owner without going through the credit card circuits avoiding so costly fees, we also provide in our app a full set of analytics to allow each business to analyze how each card issued is performing and the tools to target each individual customer with our built in notification system. In addition to all of this we have made it super easy for any business to have customers sign up to a custom loyalty program or sell gift cards 24/7 365 days a year just by copying and pasting a link in any website or any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin ecc ecc ) expanding globally your opportunities to sell and increase profits.


We have partnered with the most advanced and reliable cloud hosting services to build a state of the art database backed up and secured and accessible from anywhere in the world.


Our goal is your business success and consequently ours so we keep updating and innovating our products and services to better serve the changing global markets.